This was a fun car to make. It started off as sort of a bet that it couldn't be done; to make a mid-engine ,rear-wheel drive Honda Integra.

So the bet was on......I took an Integra shell, cut out the rear and put in a Honda NSX V6 coupled to an inverted Porsche G50 transmission.
The rear suspension was from a 1993 4wd civic (sold in the Swiss) and was shortened to make them just as long as the stock Integra trailing arms. Wheel bearings were used from a Honda CRV and were modified to fit the arms.
Also sourced 8 old BTCC honda accord centerlock wheels to be put on. Airjacks were in the package as well.

At some point when I had won the bet( clearly it was possible) I lost the time and interest to finish it. I decided to scrap the project..