Civic EJ1

Like so many projects this one started out small with moderate plans, but got out of hand very quickly. At first the plan was to build a low budget hobby/trackday car. but plans expanded shortly after, resulting in something a little more elaborate.
The base of this project is a 1995 Honda civic coupé. The goal of this project is to build a car that's well balanced and fun to drive on a track, while maintaining reasonable roadgoing capabilities. The main focus of the car wil be on handling and most importantly, safety.
Power is not the top issue in this case.

The Project started off with just the shell of the car in bits and pieces that showed little signs of rust.
It was taken further apart until all that was left was the shell.
The hole for the fueltank was welded shut, since it wil be replaced by a racing unit. The interior was cleaned out of all unnecessary and unwanted ellements, and work began on the roll cage.

Today ( Jan, 9th) we continued with the Coupé.
First task was to get rid of the accumulated dust and clean her up from the long storage.

The owner decided to go for a K20 instead of the first planned B16. The K20 is a versatile extremely reliable platform with all upgrades and modifications readily available.Plus with little tuning, numbers of 250hp are no exceptions, so this will be the new engine for this project.

The passenger side engine mount was removed and we started welding up all excess holes to make it a clean engine bay. Passenger side finished right now, tomorrow the driver side..

It still needs a minimal amount of filler and then the daunting task of sanding will begin....

Also all suspension parts are off to the powdercoater and camberkits and Intrax race dampers/springs have been ordered..

Friday the 13th! picked up a whole lot of stuff from the powdercoaters and started clean up and assembly of the suspension

Tuesday the 17th of Jan;
we received the Dampers and springs from Intrax Racing. In my opinion one of the best brands in this field. I'm glad the owner made this choice!
Also received were the front and rear camber correction kits, new aluminium rear lower control arms and a toe-link correction kit...

Friday the 20th:
Owner decided on using an Honda S2000 instrument cluster. The one we managed to find had some moisture inbetween the different layers of the instrument. Took it apart, cleaned it and rebuilt it. It's new again now!

Last week of January we started re-ssembly of the suspension and trial fit on the chassis to make sure we do not encounter any surprises at final assembly.

Our goal is to completely build the car on the chassis as it stands right now, then weld up all holes we do not use, drill the ones we require, then tear her down again, have her mediablasted, primed and painted and then finally put it all back together again....This way we make sure no holes have to be drilled after paint and all stays nice, even years from now......

Dec 2012:

Chassis is rolling again and soon we will start finishing the rollcage.
Also we received the S2000 calipers back from powdercoating and are now waiting to be rebuilt with new seals.

Stay tuned!!!