Honda Civic EE9 project-X

This Civic is a one-of-a kind EE9. One of only 40 EE9's that were
imported by Honda in Holland during 1990 and 1991, and free of accidents
in the past. If you add a rustfree chassis, a flawless interior and a
very crisp B16A1 engine to this you will understand that this was the
perfect base to start working on.
We have finished preparing this chassis for painting and it is now back in it's owner's hands so he can finish the car.

Quite some things have been modified and even more parts were collected
since the owner bought this car. For instance the completely refurbished
undercarriage (including the 5-lug conversion, front and rear brake
upgrades and replacing all the nuts and bolts for brandnew ones) as well
as some performance and handling upgrades. Never the less the owner
always had a “need” to build this car, and build it well, so over some
pizza we drew up a plan and got started...

Today 18th of September we decided to remove the roof. Instead of taking out the complete roof and replacing it by a dry carbon one, we decided to just peel off the skin and leave the stringers for strength. Especially the front and rear part of the roof support we wanted to keep, since the rear holds the rear decklid hinges and in the front we want to continue the gusset plates on the side up over the front windshield frame and to the cage.