Montecarlo Blue S2000, converted to the 2004 facelift look.......this is by far one of the most enjoyful cars to drive.......had it for years, will have it for many years to come....

Dec 2012:

One thing I regretted the most was selling the baby blue Rotora Big brake kit. Thanks to my old supplier I managed to get hold of another new set but with better floating discs this time.

I also started work on the rear subframe, my intention is to reïnforce it and then have it powdercoated. I blasted it today to make it easier to work on. Some rear suspension parts already coated.

Also today I received a Mishimoto aluminium radiator together with a fan shroud.

18 Dec 2012:

Started reinforcing the rear subframe, took some oem metal off, added some of my own.
Just the beginning of a huge modification..
Pics added...